Say goodbye to the days and the guilt you felt earlier when you were preoccupied with your work and you couldn’t make a snack for your munchkin.

Check out my list of snacks for 1+ year old toddlers that are

  • Healthy
  • Ready to give ( Made in 0 to 10 minutes)

Lets check it out!!


How many servings of snacks does my  toddler require?

Toddlers have small stomach and thus they need frequent meals at an interval of 3 to 4 hours. That  translates to approximately 3 proper meals and 2 snacks in a day – Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner, Afternoon snack and an evening snack.


Some tips while offering your baby any meal

  • Wash your baby’s hands before and after each mealtime.
  • Make her sit at a safe place like a high chair.
  • Avoid any distractions during meal time, that means no TV, mobile screen or game. Talk to your baby during this time and try to make this time interesting by chit chatting with your little one.
  • Let your child decide how much she wants to have. She doesn’t need to finish all the food in the plate. Your child will give you clues if she doesn’t want to eat any more. My daughter Imaara turns her head away after she is done with her food and pushes the food away with her hands.
  • Parents please note that forcing your baby to have a meal is not a good idea. This way, with time, they will forget to identify their own hunger cues and in future they may continue eating food even if they are full.



So here comes the list of 10 Tasty, Easy, Nutritious  snacks for your babies-

  1. Roasted Makhanas or Fox Nuts
  2. Paneer
  3. Fruits
  4. Boiled Peas
  5. Cucumber
  6. Broccoli
  7. Tofu
  8. Sweet Potato
  9. Yogurt
  10. Eggs


1. Roasted Makhanas or Fox Nuts

Nutrition snacks

Known for high amount of magnesium, potassium, manganese, protein, and phosphorus, makhanas are also called superfood. It’s high fiber content prevents constipation in children. These cream oval shaped seeds protect from heart ailments and contains antioxidant properties too.

RECIPE– Roast makhana for 1 minute on medium flame. Switch off the flame and let them cool before serving.

TIP- If you want, you can add a spoonful of desi ghee while roasting. It will add to the taste of makhana plus making it double healthy for kids.

If required cut the makhanas into small pieces before serving so that it doesn’t act as choking hazard for your baby.


2. Paneer

Benefits of paneer is known to all and it is the most loved dish of Indians. It provides calcium to the bodies, thus strengthening bones and teeth.It helps in improving memory in kids.

RECIPE– Cut paneer in small pieces and give it to your munchkin. I am sure, they will love it.

If you want, you can slightly saute these cubes in desi ghee till they are light brown and sprinkle over little rock salt.


Healthy snacks for kids

3. Fruits

There are many fruits available in the market especially in these summer days which are healthy as well as hydrating. Go for mangoes, watermelons, melons , oranges, grapes, bananas and apples.

Try giving different fruit every time.

Also, avoid giving fruit juice as they are devoid of fibers. Give the fruits in whole.

RECIPE- Cut the fruits in different attractive shapes and your baby wont be able to resist having them.

fruits healthy snack

4. Boiled peas

Green Peas are high in Vitamin A, C and K , Zinc, Iron, fiber and folate. They also contain anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. Green Peas help in building immunity and reduces risk of health problems.

RECIPE- Steam the  peas till they become soft . Serve it to your baby.

TIP- Peas can also act a choking hazard for some kids because of their perfect round shape. Try mashing them with your hands before serving these to avoid any risk to your babies.

mashed peas healthy snacks

5. Cucumber

With 95 percent water content, aren’t these best snacks to be served to your baby? Just know that to get full benefit out of them, offer them unpeeled (remember to be close to your kid as it can pose choking hazard). Also taste the cucumber to be sure that it is not bitter.

RECIPE- Cut the cucumber in round pieces and sprinkle some black salt, lemon, cumin powder and pepper over it.

cucumber healthy snack

6. Broccoli

One of the terrific snacks that will be SURELY wanted by your little one is Broccoli. This vegetable is a lot underrated in India . It is a nutritional powerhouse as it develops eyesight, builds immunity, reduces constipation and anaemia.

RECIPE-  Cut the Broccoli florets and steam them. After they become soft, put some melted butter on it . You can also add some lemon if your baby loves tangy flavor. Cut the florets in size which your baby can easily eat depending on your babies age.


7. Tofu

Tofu is also called vegan meat as it contains high amount of proteins. It is gluten free and contains fats, carbs , calcium, zinc  and iron.

Recipe- Cut into cubes and saute it in desi ghee. Sprinkle some rock salt and give it to your baby.

TIP- Tofu is a common allergen. So if you are giving this for the first time, you need to have an eye on your baby and check, if she has any adverse reaction after eating this snack.


tofu healthy snack

8. Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is delicious and highly nutritious snack for your baby. It contains high amounts of beta carotene and vitamin A. It may not seem very nutritious to some, but it is a snack loaded with vitamins and minerals and is  a must to be fed to your kids.

RECIPE- Put your tawa or any iron skillet or cooking stove and place sweet potatoes on it at low flame. Cover the sweet potatoes. Keep on rotating the sweet potatoes on regular intervals so that they are uniformly cooked from all sides. Cut it into small pieces and feed to your kid.

TIP- Always buy thin sweet potatoes as they are easily cooked in very less time. Moreover they are much sweeter than the thicker ones.

sweet potato


9. Yogurt

Curd is said to be a must for babies owing to the fact that it has probiotic bacteria which is known to be healthy for gut of your baby. Not only it is good for stomach, but it also advocates good immune system, treats diahorrea and is also considered good for hepatitis and jaundice problems.

RECIPE- You can serve the curd plain, as well as sweetened, depending on which one your baby likes. But if you chose the sweetened version, please use natural sweeteners to add to curd. You can use any mashed fruit like banana or strawberry and mix it with curd .

TIP- American academy of pediatrics recommends giving giving yogurt made from full fat milk  to your baby as your baby requires it for her body growth.

Ready to eat snacks for your baby


10. Egg

Eggs, if added to a baby’s diet, provide them with necessary amount of protein, choline and essential fatty acids.Eggs  are rich in vitamin D, B12, Omega 3 acids which offer wide variety of benefits to human body.

RECIPE- Boil the eggs and give it to your baby. You can cut these in shape of fingers or cubes depending on how your baby loves having it.

TIP-  1. Never give raw eggs to babies as it can lead to risk of food poisoning.

2. Some babies are allergic to eggs. Therefore always monitor your kid for any adverse reaction and in case you  find any such thing, consult your doctors.

healthy snacks

Do you have any other option for ready healthy snacks? Do let us know below in comments section.

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