Hello mommies,

       I am very much excited as I am sitting in my balcony to write my first blog post. I have lots of expectations with this blog and I will share them with you today. But before that, let me introduce myself. I am Nyasa from Delhi, the capital of India. I earned this prestigious mama tag about 10 months back when I gave birth to a cute and adorable little baby girl. Believe me, since then my life has never been the same. As  happy as I am being a mother, I have also witnessed some extreme difficult days ranging  from continuous sleepless nights for 3 months to 15 minutes spaced frequent breastfeeding sessions. But, frankly speaking, I am proud of myself as I think I was able to manage all these times pretty well.

Now, as my baby ,Imara (isn’t it a cute name?), has turned 10 months old, I think I am in position to resume my job from next month. I am a civil engineer working in one of the reputed firms in Noida since last 8 years.

Well, you all must be thinking why I am sharing all this with you. Actually, my main intention behind this blog is to create a platform where I can share with you all about what I went through during my pre and post delivery phase and how I tackled every problem.

I myself, being the eldest in the family, had no one to assist during my pregnancy. There are many beliefs and myths without any scientific logic prevalent in our society and I alone could not figure out if they were beneficial or dangerous to my baby. I am sure many moms-to-be,especially here in India, would be in same situation. Along with this, there were certain moments which I handled all  by myself and I think they are worth sharing with all of you.

Even before Imara came to my life, I was totally confused what to buy in advance and what quality checks different items should pass through. I scanned millions of websites , talked to relatives and friends , consulted doctors, confirmed from store personnel and then finalized what to buy and what to leave. Therefore I think I have sufficient experience to help you mamas in taking some of the important decisions of your life. Babies browser is going to be a one stop destination for all mamas and I will try to address all your concerns and doubts. I would be most happy if my blog could be of any help to new mommies . And for experienced ones, please do give your precious feedback and suggestions as it can help millions of mommies seeking support.

Will post my second blog post soon. Till then,

Take care of  you and your little baby.

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