Imaara has been a bit late than average no. of babies in achieving different crucial milestones in her first year. She started rolling at 6 months, sitting at 9 months, never crawled and now, its two days to her birthday, but she hasn’t yet started walking.

As a mother, am I concerned?


Because I know that every baby is unique and takes his/her own time to master such techniques. She is active, happy and healthy. What else will a mommy want?

For the last two months, whomsoever I meet has one sure shot question.

Has Imaara started walking?

And when I reply in negative, they are ready with ages old advice – ‘You should invest in a good walker. It is good and will make her legs strong and she will soon start walking’.

I am sure many moms must have been in my position – confused, whether walkers are safe or not for their babies.

Here’s what my pediatrician replied to my queries regarding walkers. Hope these will be of some help to the readers.


Q.  Do walkers help in baby’s development?

No. Contrary to the popular belief, studies have revealed that those babies who are put in walker- sat, crawled and walked later than those who didn’t use them.

Baby walkers require babies use muscles in back of their legs whereas, in actual walking, coordination of both front and back muscles is required. Moreover, baby walkers can also impact baby’s mental development.


Q. Is baby walker good for babies?

Even though using walkers have certain advantages, disadvantages outweigh them. Whereas, on one hand, walkers allow baby to see and touch far reaching objects, it can prove dangerous as baby can fall down stairs or into pool.

Because walkers move very quickly, as fast as 3 feet per second, it gives very less time to parents to react. They can also prove to be a serious safety hazard as they can tip over easily when walker bumps into any obstacle such as toy or carpet.


Q. Do baby walkers help baby stand?

It is a common thinking that walkers help babies balance, but in actual, walkers prevent babies falling when they attempt standing, hence giving them no chance to try balancing their body on their own.


Q. If not walkers, then what?

Stationary walkers, high chairs, playpens are better option where you can let your baby have fun.You can remove wheels of the walker you are already having at your home and change it into a safe playing option for your baby. These modes provide safer and better playing environment.

But please be sure that your baby is in constant supervision wherever he/ she is.


Do you have any query regarding walkers? Or any bad experience with walkers? Do comment in the comment box below in order to help our new mums.

Take care of you and your little baby.

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