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Today I have a great post for you on how to increase your breast milk supply FAST , no matter whether you had a normal or c-section delivery.

Infact, by adopting tips and strategies exactly as mentioned below, I  increased my breast milk after c-section in three days by roughly 3 oz (roughly 90 ml)!!!

So, if you are a lactating mom having low breast milk supply who wants to provide that nutritious gold milk to your baby , this post can actually be a game-changer for you and  If you will follow these methods religiously , I am sure that you will be able to see quick great change in your breast milk production.


TIP#1. Important Things First….DRINK , DRINK N DRINK

 I used to drink at least 4 litres of water everyday to boost up my milk production. I know drinking this much of water in a day is a little tough. But water reminder daily tracker app came to my great rescue.Input your daily water goal in the app and the next thing you have to do is to just follow it.

Or the other thing you can do is keep 4 one litre bottles full of water besides your working station every morning . This way you will be reminded of drinking water whenever you see them and will drink them up by evening.

increase water intake


TIP#2. Rest, Rest And No Stress

 Well, this surely seems like ,” Ya, everybody says so. But who cares?” Believe me , it actually works.

When I was breastfeeding my little one, I noticed that I always had my breasts full and leaking whenever I got up in the morning or after an afternoon nap. And whenever, I missed my afternoon nap either because of excess work or any other reason, my milk supply never matched with other days.

The result – my baby crying for hours making me more tired.

So mamas, don’t underestimate the power of rest. Keep stress at bay .Ask your husband or near and dear ones for babysitting one day. Take full day rest and get up to having heavier breasts.


TIP#3. Keep Removing Milk

Breastmilk follows one simple rule – Production equals requirement.

Whenever your baby suckles or removes milk from your breasts, it gives signals to your body to produce more milk. The more the baby feeds on you, the more will be the milk supply.

You can do this  either by increasing the time you breastfeed your baby or by increasing the frequency of your breastfeeding sessions.

Remember, its always the frequency that affects the milk supply the most.

So if you want to increase the milk supply in one day, you need to breastfeed your baby very frequently.Breastfeed your baby every 1 to 1.5 hrs for at least 20 minutes and don’t skip any breastfeeding sessions.

Keep switching your breasts or tickle your baby below her feet, so that she actively feeds on you and nurses for longer time.


TIP#4. Pump It Up

 Pump breastmilk often between breastfeeding sessions. Pump 10 mins  after every breast milk session till you pump out the last drop of milk, thus tricking your body to making more milk.

You should also try pumping the other breast when you are nursing your baby .This when done during morning feeds, will help you collect much more milk full of high proteins.

You should also go for power pumping once or twice a day . Power pumping is a process where you mimic cluster feeding. You pump your breasts for 20 minutes, then take rest for 10 minutes. Again pump for 10 minutes, take rest for 10 minutes followed by last pumping session of 10 minutes. This process where you have pumping sessions at closely spaced intervals of 10 minutes quickly activates your milk making machine and increase your breast milk supply fast.


TIP#5. Fenugreek Seeds

 Since last thousand years, this miraculous ingredient is popular for its abilities to pump up the breastmilk production. By consuming these seeds, you can visibly see the results between 24 – 72 hrs. When I was breastfeeding Imara, I used to soak 1 teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds overnight and had them the first thing in the morning.

Fenugreek seeds smell like maple syrup and don’t taste good. I used to swallow them with water in one go. But considering the benefits, I guess this is not that tough for once in a day activity.

PS- Always consume fenugreek seeds in limits as overconsumption can cause you or your baby many side effects such as gas, bloating or maple syrup smelling urine.

Just as fenugreek seeds, there are lots of home remedies (foods and herbs) known for their power to increase breast milk production. You can include them in your diet in variety of ways. These foods and herbs include

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Fennel seeds
  3. Garlic
  4. Ginger
  5. Dark Leafy vegetables

I used to have oatmeal in the breakfast and added  garlic and ginger while preparing food. Along with this I tried to have as much green leafy vegetables as I could during the day.


TIP#6. Medications

 Domperidone and metoclopramide, which are normally used to treat nausea and vomiting, are also known to boost up the milk supply. Please consult your doctor before taking any of these medications. As prescribed by my doctor, I used to have 10 MG Domstal tablets (domperidone) – 1 Tablet twice a day (morning and evening) . These certainly helped boosting my breast milk supply .


Which strategy worked for you the most? Do comment

Till then,

Take care of you and your little baby.





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