Today you are going to check out some of the most practical and useful ideas of gifts for newborn babies and I am sure that the new mommy and daddy are surely going to love your gift.

Infact, some of these gifts are the ones I received from near and dear ones and I was too amazed to look at the presents.

(I am also including some easy gifting ideas that you can do yourself and will add beauty to your presents)

So lets dive right in.



If there’s a poll on  what’s the most frequent bought item for babies, I bet that every experienced mom will answer diapers. It has actually become a staple item in every household having a baby. And therefore, diapers have to be number one gift for newborn babies considering its wide use and  necessity.

Now, there are various brands you can opt for. But personally speaking, I loved the ones from pampers. Infact, when we had to buy diapers for Imara , every storekeeper suggested these diapers to us and I can vouch for them now as they have been very soft for my baby’s skin. You can either gift them in small packings or you can go for monthly mega box.

One other sweet style of gifting these is by creating any figure with the help of these diapers. One of my cousin received this from her friend on the occasion of the arrival of her baby boy.


GIFT for newborn girl/boy



The one baby gear product that Imara has used the most has to be her stroller. It has really come to my rescue when we had to go outside for shopping or I just need to have a walk in the park.

Even today when I have to work at home and I need to place IMARA safely, I put her in pram and keep her next to my workstation.

I will recommend this pram from luvlap that I am using . It has three position seat recline system that is you can either make your baby sit or sleep whichever is comfortable.

online gift for newborn baby


In case, you want to buy something which looks luxurious and is light on your pocket, you can always go to any jewelry store and buy something made from silver. The best buy would be a bracelet . But you can also go for silver rattles, glass, spoon etc.



You can also opt for baby care essentials as a gifting option. Things like shampoo, baby wash, moisturizing lotion, baby powder, wipes are a necessity for every baby and you can gift them too. But you need to be careful while buying these and be sure that these don’t pose any harm to baby’s delicate skin.

I have always loved using herbal products for Imara and Himalaya herbals is my go to brand for everything. You can surely opt for their baby care gift box for gifting purposes. 

online gifts for newborn girl/boy



Newborns on an average sleep for about 16 to 18 hours a day and so they do require a place cozy and safe to sleep. So why not gift them such a place.

You can always chose to gift the newborn a sleeping bag and bed. These are a perfect gift for little ones and on the top of that they don’t even cost much. There are variety of pretty designs and colors available these days.

online gifts for newborn girls/boys



If you want to gift some toy or other playing item, I would suggest playgym. This playmat itself includes many toys , a piano and a keyboard for musical fun. These playgyms incite curiosity and wonder amongst the babies as it introduces them to wide range of bright colors , shapes, numbers and music tunes.

The best one in this category is the one from Fisherprice. It offers the best quality and it becomes mandatory as no parents would want to offer toxic or cheap quality toys to their babies.

unique gifts for baby boy/girl



Baby carriers are an absolute necessity for mums who cant leave their baby alone at home while in market for shopping or other important works. Carrying baby becomes a difficult task when you need to pick those extra shopping bags along with handbag.

Although, I wont suggest parents to use this before a baby turns 4 months of age, but still you can gift this in advance as they will anyhow need to use this when baby turns 4 months of age.

Now, while buying baby carrier, quality is the farmost important factor as it should be soft for babies. Luvlap has been the best brand as it designs every product of it ergonomically. I would suggest this baby carrier from luvlap.

online gifts for newborn boys/girls



For those times, when baby is not in diapers, it becomes very important to protect you baby from wetness when he is sleeping as well as to protect your mattress. Forget those plastic sheets used in ancient times. There are whole range of waterproof sheets which are soft as well as skin friendly.

Frankly telling, no one gifted me these and for first 3 months,I was tired changing my bed sheet every now and then.

But when I came to know about these from my doctor, I was so relieved and thought that if anybody had gifted me these before, I wouldn’t be in this mess for initial 3 months. I am sure that if you will present these sheets to the new parents, they are absolutely going to thank you for these.

gift for newborn babies



For the special ones, you can think of using your own creativity and create a gift packing combining several usable small products like toys, bibs, feeding bottle, mittens, socks , caps etc. Below are some of the styles you can use to pack your gifts and give  an extra effect.

gifts for baby girl/boy

Will be soon back with another post.

Take care of you and your little baby.

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