Everybody knows that dry fruits are superfoods for our bodies. But can we give this food to babies? Lets find it out.

When to give dry fruit powder to baby?

Dry fruits can be introduced to babies after 8 months of age. But you always need to take confirmation from your pediatrician before giving these to your baby.

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How to make dry fruit powder for babies?

Check out this intructographic for the recipe of dry fruit powder for your kid.

Dry Fruits Powder Recipe

Special tips –

  • Don’t grind the dry fruit mix for long as otherwise it will leave oil.
  • You can easily store this mix in refrigerator and  in an air tight container for 1 month.
  • Sieve the mix after grinding to get finer powder for the baby.
  • Various other type of dry fruits like pistachios, dried dates and dried figs can also be used to make dry fruit powder as per choice.


Give half a teaspoon three days a week. You can give this powder to your baby in variety of ways- mix it in milk, roti or sabzi. You can even make small ladoos of this powder.

Note– Monitor your baby for initial 3 to 4 days of giving this powder. In case of any allergic reaction, consult your pediatrician immediately


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